Andrea Barrueto

Director and owner

  • ° Strategic designer
  • ° Design Thinking Coach
  • ° Director in Creative Hub
  • ° Experience Designer, LATAM Airlines
  • ° Magister Stategic Design Politecnico Milan – Valparaíso University
  • ° Design Thinking Stanford University
  • ° Executive program Singularity University
  • ° MAD foundation community member
  • ° Business Administration Pontifical Catholic University of Chile UC

Sebastián Alvear

Creative Director

  • ° Founder and Director in Chanchos Deslenguados
  • ° Wine Platform Artisan wine broker
  • ° Service and Hospitality Designer

Victoria Cross

Art and Design Director
  • ° Visual artist
  • ° Architect and Urbanism Magister Pontifical Catholic University of Chile UC Visuals
  • ° Land planning
  • ° Infographics and mapping
  • ° Academic and professional experience in Berlin and Melbourne


Luis Oliva

Strategic branding

Richard Sharman

Narrative and editorial design

Claudia Molina

Food and narrative

Felipe Moreno

Strategic communication

Andrés Garnham

Strategic design and digital design

Pilar Ríos

Human research and strategic communication

Amanda Videla

Experience design

Andrea Hauyon

Theatrical scenery, interior design and tailoring

Daniela Manfredi

Ontological coaching and change management

Alessia Funari

Psychology and ethnographic research