Organizational system visual model

raíz3 strives to reconnect to what’s real. We look to reconnect the missing link between humans and nature creating experiences that embrace biodiversity and transversal relationships. We work with curated synergy. This allows us to access the realms of transdisciplinarity, the space created between different disciplines yet unexpectedly self-governed. The intersection between independent vectors: a fertile estuary in which saturated information decants into knowledge.

Design process raíz3

When handled correctly, highly complex environments can offer endless sources of information waiting to be transformed into knowledge and experiences.

Organizational system visual model

We guide people through turbulent waters within which lie game-changing solutions, ideas and competitive advantages.

Through the generation of strategic content we mobilize, build bridges and design interactions between all the agents of the organization system. We firmly believe this ability is the ultimate game-changer.


[fields of action] We are catalysts for change in a continuous work process.